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Tef harvesting

Let's release LiveCraft butterflies into your world and add a touch of flavor. Tef@LiveCraft is a Unity editor extension app that genetically generates various butterflies (Tef). By simply choosing your favorite butterfly, it can mutate to your liking, allowing you to easily harvest pre-made prefabs with a unique touch, all in a gaming experience.

These butterflies can freely fly around, rest, and even flee when someone approaches. Additionally, you can easily create swarms of thousands of butterflies. They also possess the characteristic of being attracted to an object named 'Honey,' which can be utilized for small visual effects.


You can generate three types of prefabs from the harvested butterflies:
1. Static: A static prefab that doesn't include any scripts.
2. Holographic: A prefab that does not include scripts, but can be animated through shaders. It cannot exhibit collision or reaction behaviors, but can be used in metaverse environments where scripts are not allowed.
3. Live: A prefab that includes scripts and allows for realistic reactive actions.
Also, at each generation, you can select from three levels of LOD (Level of Detail) for each entity.

System Requirements:
Unity 2021.3.14 or higher
Rendering Pipeline: Built-in, URP

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Please note: This product is an extension plugin for Unity Editor.

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